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Bühler, optical sorters for plastic recycling

The optical sorterfor plastics is an electronic and automatic machine, used for the separation of plastics for different colours or polymers. The first model was produced in 1947 by Bühler which is one of the market leader in this technology.

In the processing of recovered and recycled plastics, the ultimate goal is to obtain plastics sorted by colour and different polymeric nature.

The best solution is to have an optical sorter on the plant that allows all plastics to be easily separated by colours and polymers and to separate all contamonants present.

sort plastics by colours and polymers

In the modern age where technology allows for more and more reuse of recycled plastics, separate the contaminants and sort the plastics by colour is an easy and achievable goal.

The process, for example, of producing recycled flake PET, encounters different problems such as the presence of different PETcolours (blue, green, red, "jazz", clear, light blu etc.) and the contamination of other plastics such as PE, PVC, PS, etc.

The use of an optical sorter of Bühler guarantees safe separation of the plastic from all impurities, safeguarding the end-production and productivity.

sort of colours and polymers

Recycling plastics, solutions for every problem

Bühler optical sorters are designed and engineered so that they can be installed on a production line without compromising the regular work programme and product flow. They offer multiple application solutions and are used in the recycling and quality control industry.

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