The professional skills of the sector for companies

technical inspection

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technical training




experience and expertise

The problems of plastic processing have always aroused interest in research and directed our work towards more effective and useful solutions.

The Italian plastics processing market is among the leaders in Europe and the world in terms of ingenuity, skill, know-how and style.

In this highly competitive and challenging envferrousment we have gained experience and knowledge that we offer to our customers.

knowledge and technology

knowing the right direction

the technical solution to every need

Plastics processing deals with technological issues on a daily basis on which it is necessary to keep up to date.

Industrial competition makes it necessary to optimise plastic production processes in order to reduce waste and costs.

In a market where reuse, collection and recycling of plastics are the basis of many work processes, it is important to know who to trust and to deal with specialists and professionals in the field.

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