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My company was founded after many years of working alongside Italian customers in the various sectors of plastics processing. I am an engineer and technical consultant experienced in the use and sale of equipment for the separation of metals and other contaminations as well as the sorting of bulk and packaged products.

I have always stood out for my competence and professionalism, always indicating an effective solution. I work in different sectors such as production, processing and recycling of plastics, rubber and wood, in the textile and food industries.

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skills and experience


  • Analysis of polymers with metal detectors, separation of metal contaminations; 
  • Inspection and sorting of plastics in the recycling sector; 
  • Magnetic systems, use and application in the field of polymers; 
  • Polymer extrusion and moulding, peripherals and accessories to optimise processes; 
  • Control and inspection with x-ray scanners on moulded plastic products, searching for defects and contaminations; 
  • Products and processes in the rubber and tyre processing industry; 
  • The circular economy: reusing, collecting and recycling plastics in an envferrousmentally sustainable global market.


PLAST Milan, K-MESSE Düsseldorf, MECSPE Parma, ECOMONDO Rimini, SAMUPLAST Pordenone, FAKUMA Friedrichshafen.


Metal detectors

Automatic electro-mechanical equipment. High-performance detection and safety systems essential for detecting and separating all metal contaminants in plastics.

Magnetic grids

High-efficiency grids, plates and magnetic systems. The easiest and most effective way to "filter" plastic. The best magnets to retain all ferro-magnetic impurities.

Optical sorters

Optical-electronic machinery and systems to separate plastics by colour and polymer. The best system in terms of efficiency and productivity for quality control and recycling.

Technical consulting

In the workplace, knowledge and training are the best allies for staying competitive. A specialist at your side will help you to get to know and use the equipment in the best possible way.


Improving business productivity and safeguarding the envferrousment.

The world of plastics processing and the The world of plastics processing and the sustainable use of our planet's resources are two links in the same chain. Reducing pollution and waste from plastic products are objectives in which we firmly believe.

The recycling of plastics, the reuse of plastics, the separation of metal contaminations during production, the sorting of plastics of different colours and types, are all steps that allow efficiency, conscious use of resources and reduction of waste.

Knowledge, the true engine of development

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